Contacting Ecohoof

If you wish to get in contact with Ecohoof regarding anything you have read on our website, wish further information or even wish to join the Ecohoof team & become an Ecohoof Distributor.

The Ecohoof team are more than happy to talk to our customers and all feedback is welcome.

Main Office 

Unit 7
Hamilton Road
Industrial Estate
South Lanarkshire
ML10 6UB

Telephone: 01357 529040

 Manufacturing Unit

East Coldstream Garageimage of outside work
Coldstream Road
South Lanarkshire
ML10 6SU





  1. Iona Jones
    21/07/2017 @ 13:13

    I would be interested in knowing more about this product for sunburnt noses, as I have seen a few ads on FB.
    I live in New Zealand.


    • Louise Kennnedy
      04/01/2018 @ 13:48

      contact Kam Mock, Tel: 027 883 9368, shes the NZ agent


  2. Shauna Gamble
    29/04/2017 @ 12:17

    Good morning,

    I own a distributor business in Canada and am interested in selling your product here. Do you have an existing distributor and does the product meet Canadian requirements?

    Shauna Gamble
    President SLG Equine Distributors


  3. colin
    07/04/2017 @ 21:10

    can anyone become a distributor and how much do you need to buy?


  4. Cella
    06/04/2017 @ 13:14

    Do you have stockists in the US? Very interested in your products for horses. Thank you.


  5. John McGrath
    10/05/2016 @ 22:45

    Do you have a stockist in ireland? (South preferably)


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