Ecohoof Germicide 20 Day Plan

Ecohoof Germicide : Advice for new users


In order to ‘hit’ any problems hard it is recommended that an initial 20 day programme is followed.

  • Follow your normal routine to ensure footbath area is clean that a pre-wash bath of water is in place

  • Using 1 scoop (350gms) to 100ltrs water in the footbath, walk the animals through as normal. Repeat at each milking for 20 days. Discard the footbath after 2 sessions or if heavily contaminated

  • Treat any individual case that require trimming prior to footbathing and dispose of trimmings where they can’t cause further infection

    : Cross contamination can come from trimming tools, particularly farm to farm via professional hoof trimmers. Disinfect all tools prior to, and after, use.

  •  After the 20 day programme, footbath regularly – at least 3 times per week

    Note: Ecohoof Germicide is a powerful disinfectant and can be used to wash down parlour walls and floor, cubicles and utensils. Use in same dilution

 Tip: When making up Ecohoof Germicide solution for footbathing or cleaning, put some into a small spray bottle to use on individual cows feet.

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