Farming Product Testimonials


W. Currie, Dairy Farmer, Lanarkshire
“Ecohoof Germicide is much healthier, safer and easier to use than traditional products. It has a nice pleasant aroma which lingers in the parlour till the next day – I will continue to use this product”

P.J Williams, Cheshire
“I’m milking 290 Holstein Friesans. I have had continuous hoof problems.  Previously I have tried using Copper Sulphate which is expensive, and Formalin, which is unpleasant to use.  since using Ecohoof Germicide Footbath, I have been able to keep on top of the problems using the foothbath regularly.  I have used 25 buckets in the last 10 months.

Guy Leggate, Beef Farmer, Lanarkshire
“Both Germicide and Blue Clay Shoes performed better than my expectations. I will definitely  be a regular user”


Barry Griffen, Dairy Farmer, Leicester
“ One cow with persistent hoof problems keeps coming back to the bath and stands in it swishing it’s foot back and forth – obviously knows whats good for it! – All of the cows are happy to stand in it.”

WJ & H Williams, Anglesey
“Ecohoof Germicide done such a good job for my sheep I’ve just ordered 2 x 3mtr footbath for my sucklers”

sheep for leaflet

Manufacturers note: Formalin is less effective at temperatures below 7°C.
Ecohoof Germicide has been successfully trialed well below zero.