Blue Clay Shoes Application

[column]ecohoof productsGet Blue Clay Shoes, hoof knife and paint brush ready[/column]
[column]hoof being trimmedWash and trim the hoof[/column]

close blue clay

Apply the clay thinly and evenly on the hoof[/column]
[column]claw paint
Remember to apply the clay in between claw and soft tissue back of heel.[/column]
[column]blue hoof finishedWhen hoof is completely covered, the clay will start the drying process- leave on dry hard ground for 10 minutes – where possible.[/column]
[column]blue cow hoofsBlue Clay Shoes will dry, flake off and degrade naturally.[/column]


Please note in the photographs Blue Clay Shoes appears to be painted on thick however this is for illustration purposes only.
When applying Blue Clay Shoes only a thin coating is needed. (Paint on in the same way you’d paint a door)

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