Ecohoof Germicide Footbath FAQ’s

Q: What is in the Germicide Footbath product?
A: Various alkaline ingredients to clean the hoofs.
Plus a group of chemicals called surfactants as a carrier for all ingredients.Detergents to help the active ingredients penetrate, and natural oils to kill the bacteria that causes foot problems.

Q: What kind of footbath should I use?
A: A narrow walk through bath is best as the animals don’t have to stand in it.
The new type of bath with the wire hoops down the centre to prevent fouling is desirable (for dairy and beef cattle) that way, the product will be effective for longer. For dairy cattle, a bath at least 3 meters long is best. The length of stride of cattle means that each foot will be dunked twice. Use standard footbath for all other hoofed animals.

Q: Does Ecohoof Germicide Footbath cure Digital Dermatitis?

A: There is no cure for this; it can only be controlled.
Severe D.D has to be treated by the vet. Once severe cases have been dealt with regular foot bathing with the product will prevent re-occurrence.
Minor D.D developments will disappear after the following;
Footbath with the product: 2x daily for 20 days, then at least 3 times per week thereafter. (but in any case new users should follow this routine).

Q: How often should I use the footbath for sheep?
A: For sheep, footbath with the product every time that the sheep are gathered, but in any case, at least every 6 weeks.

Q: Will Ecohoof Germicide Footbath cure foot-rot?
A: No, but it can stop it from re-occurring.
Full blown foot rot has to be dealt with by the vet then follow the foot-bathing routine described above.

TIP: For sheep, cattle and dairy producers: When making up the footbath solution, put a little in a spray bottle so that individual animals can be dealt with when trimming or inspecting etc.

Q: How long does the footbath product keep after it’s made up?
A: You can make up 1000ltrs into a holding tank and it will keep indefinitely, and just draw off enough as you need it. Once in the footbath and contaminated with faeces and urine it will normally stay effective for 2 days.

TIP: Ecohoof Germicide Footbath Product is a high level disinfectant in its own right and can be used in a sprayer to clean down the parlour or utensils. Spray down walls, floors, and slurry pools to kill bacteria and reduce the risk of disease spreading.

Q: Can I dispose of the footbath easily?
A: Yes, in the slurry pit or out onto grass or soil. It does not harm the environment.

Q: Is Ecohoof Germicide Footbath as effective as formalin?
A: It is at least as effective, most farmers who trialled it would say that it out- performed formalin

Q: Is Ecohoof Germicide Footbath more expensive?
A: No, this product has been purposely developed to compete in every respect with formalin.
EG Due to the fact that it does not need to be changed so often, it works out less expensive

Q: How often does the footbath product have to be refreshed- formalin needs changed daily?
A: The product is not affected as much as Formalin with contamination and will tolerate around 700 passes as against 250 with Formalin.This means, on average, changing only once every 3 days

Q: I know I can get various medical disorders using Formalin – is Ecohoof Germicide Footbath safe to handle and are the fumes harmful?

A: Absolutely safe to handle, even in concentrated form. There are no noxious fumes to worry about

Q: When making up Formalin, I just pour some into the footbath with water. Is this just as easy or is there a whole lot of preparation as with Kling on Blue for instance?
A: Fill the footbath with water, take a scoop of powder from the bucket (with the measured scoop provided) sprinkle it on the water and stir for 30 seconds and its ready with no spillage hazard.

Q: If I don’t use the Ecohoof Germicide in the bath, how long does it keep?
A: In laboratory tests, under dirty conditions, it was proven to be stable for at least 28 days after dilution

Q: I buy my formalin in an IBC, do I need to buy this in a large quantity?
A: No. One small 3 ½ kilo bucket will give you 1000ltrs. So, you only have to buy and store 1 small bucket


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